I’m a lover of DOING THINGS. Making, Creating, Learning, Loving, Studying, Planning, Working.

Most of the time I have so many things going, so many projects that I don’t know where to start. So I start a new project. And such is the circle of life. On and on and on….

This is a place where I can share my excitement for creating with people who have similar interests and are seeking insight about our shared passions. My blog is more meandering thoughts, experiences, and ideas rather than instructional tutorials or “how-to” guides. From time to time I will share things using an Amazon Associates link. I may receive a small commission from said links, but know that I will never ever share something that I myself haven’t used used or bought.

Ultimately, for those that take the time to read my blog, I hope to provide you with a little entertainment, a little knowledge, and a little inspiration. At the very least I have a time capsule to look back fondly on all the little things that have kept me learning and creating through the years.

Enjoy the journey through my random thoughts and endeavors, and please leave me some of your thoughts on the way.