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Summer Slip Tee Minipost #1

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I know that I still need to complete the finishing construction on my Opal Tank, but I just had to start the Summer Slip Tee so I can wear it this yet this summer!

Designer notes

Knitatude. One of my very favorite designers, she designs fantastic beginner knits that are stylish and fun to knit, what’s not to love? Oh, and she knows how to work the social media game, her instagram is killer. If you are new to knitting, I highly suggest you follow her – actually, even if you are a knitting pro you will not be disappointed!

Yarn notes

Truboo by Lion Brand in Seafoam. Truboo is very similar to Coboo, and I love them both. Where Coboo is 50% cotton and 50% rayon from bamboo, Truboo is 100% rayon from bamboo. It’s a slippery devil. I wouldn’t recommend using aluminum needles with Truboo. I changed my needles after casting on because my stitches kept slipping off!


So far, the Summer Slip Tee is a fun and fast knit. The first part of the pattern calls for stockinette in the round. To adapt it for Portuguese knitting and make it knit up even faster –I’m doing it “inside out”–purling every round. I’ll turn it “right side out” further into the pattern where it changes to flat knitting.

Knitting Portuguese style-Purling every round for stockinette (it’s faster, trust me!)

Hope your summer WIPs are knitting up nicely! Drop a picture in the comments, I’d love to see ’em!



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