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Opal Tank Minipost #2

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I’m ALMOST finished with my Opal Tank. Woot! I mean, except for the nasty business of sewing the side panels together (I’m just not much of a sewer). And then there is the dreaded weaving in of ends. I hate weaving ends in. I still have a bralette I finished 6 months ago that JUST needs the ends weaved in. Ugh.

Opal Tank

Designed by:

Two of Wands – Follow her on Instagram; see her patterns here.


Coboo by Lion Brand yarn in Silver


I’ve talked about how much I love my knitting pin(s) here, but another thing I’d have a hard time living without is my little knitting notions bag. I have my little scissors, stitch markers, tape measures, knitting gauge measurer, counter, pens, crochet hook…the list goes on and on. I used to keep all of that on my knitting table, but I rarely knit at my knitting table…it’s more of a surface to keep yarn (see image 🙀).

It just makes so much more sense to have it in a portable bag. Check out this cute notions bag if you are in the market!



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